Friday, November 30, 2012

Program 1: Explorers of the Established

We are happy to present our first program for SEFF Binghamton to be held at the Art Mission & Theater on Friday, December 7th at 5:00 p.m. The program, called "Explorers of the Established" is curated by Ryan Kimiecik and runs for 81 minutes. 

Explorers of the Established 

IBM 7094 (Laura Marie Judge, 2.5 min., Video, Keene State College)
Ean's Day ( Ben Crouse & Jacob Sluka, 3.5 min., Video, California Institute of the Arts)
Treeman (Claire Ying-Chin Wang, 16.5 min., Video, Syracuse University)
Symphony (Nicholas Langley, 5.5 min., Video, University of Colorado at Boulder)
Las Delicias (Ford Bostwick & Alexander Svoboda, 7.5 min., Video, Syracuse University)
Sphinx: Hall of Records (Fred Frederiksen, 19.5 min., Video, University of Illinois at Chicago)
A B GG (D. Jesse Damazo & Sinah Ober, 6 min., Video, University of Iowa)
Mo(ve)ment (Dylan Lowry, 20 min., Video, Ithaca College)

Come out and join us next Friday to watch these films and meet some of the artists presenting their works. It is sure to be a great time!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Help us out!

As November comes to an end it can only mean one thing...that SEFF Binghamton is approaching! However, in order to make SEFF Binghamton the best it can be, we need one important thing: money. That is why we are turning to for help. With the creation of our own page we are able to ask for donations from friends, family, and film enthusiasts alike. The more money we have the easier it will be to rent the venue, print books and posters, and feed of our guests.
Having any film festival is hard, but an experimental one is even more difficult because of the selective audience it draws. Our goal is to make experimental cinema more accessible and to show people that it really is not a scary thing. Also, having the film festival in a location off campus will help to bring the Binghamton students and the community together and share in our love of art and film.
We really want to make this film festival the best it can be. If you can, please donate at the link below.
We thank you!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Read All About It!

The planning for SEFF Binghamton is well underway! We have received over 70 entries from universities all over the country and we will be notifying those selected shortly. 
We have a lot of exciting developments coming up soon including new sponsors, a kickstarter page, and a festival trailer. Keep checking all of our sites for more. Also, make sure to "like" our new Facebook page!
In other news, we now have a festival poster. Check it out below, the designers have worked very hard and it looks amazing.