Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thank You!

Some members of Binghamton's Curating Film & Video Class & filmmaker 
Dylan Lowry (center in white) at the Art Mission  & Theater
SEFF Binghamton took place this past weekend and was extremely successful. The programs were well attended by students and film fans alike and we hope that we opened some new eyes to experimental cinema as an art form. Overall the class was a great experience and we have all learned about the hard work it takes to make a film festival possible.
From all of us in the Curating Film & Video class at Binghamton University we would like to say thank you to everyone who has helped with SEFF Binghamton whether it was by donating money, coming to the programs themselves, or simply reading this blog. The festival would not have been a success without you! We would especially like to thank filmmakers Dylan Lowry, Terry Jones, Keaton Fox, and Rebeccah Pope for coming to SEFF and speaking about their works. Another special thank you goes to all the filmmakers who submitted their films. If you did not make it this year, don't give up, there's always next year!
Also, thank you to all the venues that hosted SEFF Binghamton: the Art Mission & Theater, Cyber Cafe West, and Binghamton University's own Lecture Hall 6.
Check out the media gallery and our Facebook page for more pictures and videos from the festival.
It has been a pleasure blogging for you. Look out for the next SEFF Binghamton in 2013!

Programer Brittany Cardamore leads a Q & A with filmmakers
Terry Jones & Keaton Fox at Cyber Cafe West 
Students check out programs in between showings at Lecture Hall 6 Binghamton 
Festival coordinators Amanda Warren, Scott Summer, & Ahmed Khater present program #3 in Binghamton University's Lecture Hall 6 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Program 3 & 4 Announcement

We are now nearing mere days until SEFF Binghamton! With that we are proud to release the information for programs 3 and 4 which will both be shown on Saturday, December 8th in Binghamton University's lecture hall 6. Program 3, called "Reel Feelings" will be at 5 p.m.and will run for 56.5 minutes. The program is curated by Dean Tepper. Program 4 called "Debunking Depth" will be 7 p.m. and run 48 minutes. It is being curated Carl Schrecongost

Reel Feelings
Curated by Dean Tepper

Untitled #2 (Brendan Field, 3.5 min., 16mm, Emerson College)
Rain (Keaton Fox, 4 min., Video, Syracuse University)
Moth in a Corner (Raina Kim, 6.5 min., Video, California Institute of the Arts)
The Product of my Sadness (Corrinne LeNeave, 2.5 min., Video, Ball State University)
Like a Jellyfish in January (Keaton Fox, 4 min., Video, Syracuse University)
A Table Setting (Corrinne LeNeave, 3 min., Video, Ball State University)
The Sheer Red Screen (Anna Hogg, 9 min., Video, University of Virginia)
Derived from Mud (Niki Murphy, 6 min., Video, Maryland Institute College of Art)
Touch (Pinwen Lien, 2 min., Video, Emerson College)
Production (Tian Guan, 3 min., Video, Syracuse University)
I see you (Susanna Kim, 5.5 min., Video, Syracuse University)
It’s War (Samantha Stephan, 4 min., Video, University of Iowa)
Two Voicemails on a Sunday (Keaton Fox, 3 min., Video, Syracuse University)

Debunking Depth
Curated by Carl Schrecongost

Gridlock (Nook Harquail, Alison Helzer, Ryan Hueston, Nick O’Leary, Alex Stockton, & Victoria Tucker, 2.5 min., 16mm, Dartmouth College)
Static Revelations (Robin Huey, 1.5 min., Video, University of California, San Diego)
Commuting to Luna (Nook Harquail, 3.5 min., Video, Dartmouth College)
Gentlemen Prefer Glitch (Holly Lay, 4 min., Video, Ball State University)
Memory (Alison Helzer, 3 min., Video, Dartmouth College)
Through a Tunnel (Weigang Song, 4.5 min., Video, Syracuse University)
Acknowledge the Edge (Rebeccah Pope, 1.5 min., Video, Syracuse University)
Down on the Ground (Mike Stoltz, 1 min., 16mm, California Institute of the Arts)
the not so ongoing smoke (Jolene Mok, 8 min., Video, Duke University)
Girl.Tree.Apple.Fly (Rebeccah Pope, 5 min., Video, Syracuse University)
A tender case #1 (Laura Marie Judge, 5 min., Video, Keene State College)
Somnambulist (Raina Kim, 8.5 min., Video, California Institute of the Arts)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Good News & Program 2

We have some exciting announcements to make! First of all we would like to thank everyone who helped to fund our kickstarter. In the last few hours we surpassed our goal and made $255! This money is very important and will go helping us print programs and posters, pay for the venue, and get food for those attending. The money will make all the difference in the world and it is with the generous support of friends, family, and people like you that SEFF Binghamton is possible. 
Without further ado we would also like to present program 2 called "Tendencies of Existence." The program is curated by Brittany Cardamone and runs for 62.5 minutes. It will be presented on Saturday, December 8th at 2:00 p.m. at Cyber Cafe West.

Tendencies of Existence

Time (Amanda Knigga, 4 min., Video, Ball State University)
Irretrievable Illumination (Keaton Fox, 2.5 min., Video, Syracuse University)
Becoming (Alejandro Parra, 4 min., Video, University of California, San Diego)
Naturalized (Wolfgang Hastert, 3.5 min., Video, Duke University)
A Robin's Nest (Keaton Fox, 2 min., Video, Syracuse University)
<Ancient> Knowledge to the Future (Terry Jones, 4 min., Video, Syracuse University)
Woman I (Anna Hogg, 2 min., Video, University of Virginia)
Mary & Pete, from the “living with” Series (Brenda L. Burmeister, 4 min., Video, Duke University)
Ruby (Braxton Hood, 3.5 min., Video, Duke University)
Grandma (Andrew Mui, 9 min., HD Video, Massachusetts College of Art)
Tropic of Cancer (A. Currie Lee, 6 min., Video, Maryland Institute College of Art)
Eulogy (Susanna Kim, 9.5 min., Video, Syracuse University)
il Volo dell'angelo (Caterina Masia, 4.5 min., Video, Keene State College)
Replacement (Katarzyna Plazinska, 4 min., HD Video, University of Iowa)

Friday, November 30, 2012

Program 1: Explorers of the Established

We are happy to present our first program for SEFF Binghamton to be held at the Art Mission & Theater on Friday, December 7th at 5:00 p.m. The program, called "Explorers of the Established" is curated by Ryan Kimiecik and runs for 81 minutes. 

Explorers of the Established 

IBM 7094 (Laura Marie Judge, 2.5 min., Video, Keene State College)
Ean's Day ( Ben Crouse & Jacob Sluka, 3.5 min., Video, California Institute of the Arts)
Treeman (Claire Ying-Chin Wang, 16.5 min., Video, Syracuse University)
Symphony (Nicholas Langley, 5.5 min., Video, University of Colorado at Boulder)
Las Delicias (Ford Bostwick & Alexander Svoboda, 7.5 min., Video, Syracuse University)
Sphinx: Hall of Records (Fred Frederiksen, 19.5 min., Video, University of Illinois at Chicago)
A B GG (D. Jesse Damazo & Sinah Ober, 6 min., Video, University of Iowa)
Mo(ve)ment (Dylan Lowry, 20 min., Video, Ithaca College)

Come out and join us next Friday to watch these films and meet some of the artists presenting their works. It is sure to be a great time!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Help us out!

As November comes to an end it can only mean one thing...that SEFF Binghamton is approaching! However, in order to make SEFF Binghamton the best it can be, we need one important thing: money. That is why we are turning to kickstarter.com for help. With the creation of our own page we are able to ask for donations from friends, family, and film enthusiasts alike. The more money we have the easier it will be to rent the venue, print books and posters, and feed of our guests.
Having any film festival is hard, but an experimental one is even more difficult because of the selective audience it draws. Our goal is to make experimental cinema more accessible and to show people that it really is not a scary thing. Also, having the film festival in a location off campus will help to bring the Binghamton students and the community together and share in our love of art and film.
We really want to make this film festival the best it can be. If you can, please donate at the link below.
We thank you!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Read All About It!

The planning for SEFF Binghamton is well underway! We have received over 70 entries from universities all over the country and we will be notifying those selected shortly. 
We have a lot of exciting developments coming up soon including new sponsors, a kickstarter page, and a festival trailer. Keep checking all of our sites for more. Also, make sure to "like" our new Facebook page!
In other news, we now have a festival poster. Check it out below, the designers have worked very hard and it looks amazing.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Deadline Extended!

to submit your films to SEFF Binghamton!
The planning for SEFF Binghamton continues with poster designs and fundraising efforts underway. However, we cannot put on this festival without you, the filmmaker. Therefore we have extended the deadline for submissions to October 29th. All entries must be post marked by then.
The entry forms are below, just click and print them out. It is as simple as that. Any questions, email seff@binghamton.edu.
You have nothing to lose, it is free to enter so why not take a shot and see what happens!