About SEFF

The Student Experimental Film Festival in Binghamton, also known as SEFF Binghamton, is an annual film festival in Binghamton, NY. The film festival features experimental films made by students from around the country. The film festival is run by Binghamton University students enrolled in Curating Film and Video, an undergraduate course offered by the cinema department.

SEFF Binghamton is one of several projects that the Binghamton University cinema department organizes to celebrate its experimental roots. The cinema department, which was founded by Ken Jacobs in 1969 and which has been made up of many notable filmmakers and scholars over the years, such as Nicholas Ray, also organizes a biannual showcase of Binghamton University student-made films and videos and a year-long film series that screens films twice weekly each semester.


SEFF Binghamton: Student Experimental Film Festival is a student run film festival located in Binghamton, NY. It focuses on experimental pieces that challenge its viewers and filmmakers to go outside their comfort zones. We take films from students, across the United States, and organize a two-day event to showcase those films to the students and local community. We as students who are enrolled in Curating Film and Video at Binghamton University strive to create awareness of this artistic sub-culture that is becoming more prevalent in today's society.