Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thank You!

Some members of Binghamton's Curating Film & Video Class & filmmaker 
Dylan Lowry (center in white) at the Art Mission  & Theater
SEFF Binghamton took place this past weekend and was extremely successful. The programs were well attended by students and film fans alike and we hope that we opened some new eyes to experimental cinema as an art form. Overall the class was a great experience and we have all learned about the hard work it takes to make a film festival possible.
From all of us in the Curating Film & Video class at Binghamton University we would like to say thank you to everyone who has helped with SEFF Binghamton whether it was by donating money, coming to the programs themselves, or simply reading this blog. The festival would not have been a success without you! We would especially like to thank filmmakers Dylan Lowry, Terry Jones, Keaton Fox, and Rebeccah Pope for coming to SEFF and speaking about their works. Another special thank you goes to all the filmmakers who submitted their films. If you did not make it this year, don't give up, there's always next year!
Also, thank you to all the venues that hosted SEFF Binghamton: the Art Mission & Theater, Cyber Cafe West, and Binghamton University's own Lecture Hall 6.
Check out the media gallery and our Facebook page for more pictures and videos from the festival.
It has been a pleasure blogging for you. Look out for the next SEFF Binghamton in 2013!

Programer Brittany Cardamore leads a Q & A with filmmakers
Terry Jones & Keaton Fox at Cyber Cafe West 
Students check out programs in between showings at Lecture Hall 6 Binghamton 
Festival coordinators Amanda Warren, Scott Summer, & Ahmed Khater present program #3 in Binghamton University's Lecture Hall 6 

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