Saturday, December 1, 2012

Good News & Program 2

We have some exciting announcements to make! First of all we would like to thank everyone who helped to fund our kickstarter. In the last few hours we surpassed our goal and made $255! This money is very important and will go helping us print programs and posters, pay for the venue, and get food for those attending. The money will make all the difference in the world and it is with the generous support of friends, family, and people like you that SEFF Binghamton is possible. 
Without further ado we would also like to present program 2 called "Tendencies of Existence." The program is curated by Brittany Cardamone and runs for 62.5 minutes. It will be presented on Saturday, December 8th at 2:00 p.m. at Cyber Cafe West.

Tendencies of Existence

Time (Amanda Knigga, 4 min., Video, Ball State University)
Irretrievable Illumination (Keaton Fox, 2.5 min., Video, Syracuse University)
Becoming (Alejandro Parra, 4 min., Video, University of California, San Diego)
Naturalized (Wolfgang Hastert, 3.5 min., Video, Duke University)
A Robin's Nest (Keaton Fox, 2 min., Video, Syracuse University)
<Ancient> Knowledge to the Future (Terry Jones, 4 min., Video, Syracuse University)
Woman I (Anna Hogg, 2 min., Video, University of Virginia)
Mary & Pete, from the “living with” Series (Brenda L. Burmeister, 4 min., Video, Duke University)
Ruby (Braxton Hood, 3.5 min., Video, Duke University)
Grandma (Andrew Mui, 9 min., HD Video, Massachusetts College of Art)
Tropic of Cancer (A. Currie Lee, 6 min., Video, Maryland Institute College of Art)
Eulogy (Susanna Kim, 9.5 min., Video, Syracuse University)
il Volo dell'angelo (Caterina Masia, 4.5 min., Video, Keene State College)
Replacement (Katarzyna Plazinska, 4 min., HD Video, University of Iowa)

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